Getting Your Sunflowers Off To A Good Start

Spring has finally arrived, and that means planting gardens and all the yard work galore. Planting seeds and watching them grow each day is truly a wonderful experience, and if you love flowers, sunflowers are definitely a great choice. But, when exactly is the best time to plant sunflowers? We have the answer for you right here.
Sunflower seeds definitely scream summer with their abundantly yellow petals and rising stalks which can reach up to 16 feet in height. These annual flowers thrive best when planted directly into the dirt and have full exposure to sunlight without getting waterlogged at all. The best time to get the seeds put into the ground for a great bloom is right after the spring frost has begun to fizzle out. In other words, once the ground is at about 55 to 60 degrees in temperature, you are ready for planting success.
Getting the garden ready for summer can be such a blast for you and the family to enjoy. If you are wanting to add sunflowers to your garden patch this year, it is just about the right time to get them in the ground. what are you waiting for? Get started growing today!